About Us

Little Lion Associates (Pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan company which has over 4 decade history in Manufacturing and distributing cookies, cakes, sponge rolls, and wafers to the Sri Lankan market. We are one of the key players in confectionery industry in Sri Lanka having island wide distribution network and more than 30 product portfolios. Our production plants are situated in the capital of Sri Lanka - Colombo and Rathmalana.

Little Lion manufactures a very unique type of Cookies, which is better referred as the “Wire cut cookies” and we are the only company who manufactures Cookies from a Wire- Cut machine. Most of the customers have consumed Cookies, which are more than 6 months old because almost all of the Cookies that are consumed are imported to Sri Lanka and take an average of six months to reach the Country. Little Lion wire cut cookies are fresh and reach the market straight after manufacture. Little Lion cookies have become so popular that they are unable to meet the demand of the market.

One of our very popular products, Golden Cow Rusk has a market share of 70% mainly because of our constant quality standards and affordability to the consumers. We are trying to expand our production as same as marketing operations to serve each and every individual in Sri Lanka.

Little Lion has not taken many big initiatives to market any of their products because their sales keep increasing rapidly, especially by word of mouth. Little Lion distributes its products to over 40, 000 outlets through the county through a distribution network.

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